The African Wholistic Health Association (AWHA) - Wholisitic Health and Academics 101 Talk (WHA101 Talk) Show is hosted by Dr Kokayi Patterson with co-hosts Dr Yew and Chef/Scientist Heru, and invited guests. Dr Kokayi Patterson is the intellectual creator and originator of the Wholistic Health and Academics 101 Radio Show.

WHA101 Talk focuses on the spiritual, cultural, social, political, economics and science factors affecting the wellness and health of the African American community. Topics and commentaries are addressed under the guidance of Dr. Patterson’s African wholistic philosophical framework of mind, body, spirit, and community using the African fable and parable theology of "It takes a village to raise a child."

WHA101 Talk teaches the audience about the spiritual sciences, physical sciences (earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics), social/political sciences, and the mathematics of African wholistic wellness and health using common sense, straight talk, comedy, humor, and entertainment. WHA101 Talk is an academic science theatre of the mind, body, spirit, and soul for anyone who listens.