The Kwanzaa Khemical Kinetics of the Endocrine System
A RAw Live Food Culinary Cognitive Science Siesta Winter Solstice Prelude
December 18th from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Held at 6201 Greenbelt Rd Suite U4
College Park, MD 20740

Sponosored and Hosted By

Every person is a spiritual sentient being embodied in a collective of photons, electrons, protons, molecules, and atoms. We are all arranged in a physical elemental complex.

Our experiences are the wonders and challenges of planetary physical and cognitive living. Those attending this session will learn about the Kwanzaa Khemical Kinetics of The Endocrine System. We will discover how the chemical elements in fruits, seeds, and vegetables support the mind, body, and soul. Participants will learn the fundamentals of raw food science. This includes how to setup a kitchen to prepare raw food meals.

Topics covered will also teach the basic techniques used in the preparation of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. The food class will demonstrate recipes used to prepare raw food main dishes, desserts, beverages and snacks.

Participants will receive a workbook of information. The workbook will cover the RAw Live Food Culinary Cognitive Science and how it applies to Siesta Winter Solstice Prelude or Kwanzaa.

Food costs are covered in this four-hour workshop. Come prepared to learn, taste and enjoy the tastes featured in the season: Savory Savannah Sweet Potato Soup, Caribbean Cream of Parsnip Soup, Amexum Harvest Nut and Seed Meat Loaf, Belize Berry Sauce, Ital Cauliflower-tatoes, Gee Chee Wild Rice, Calypso / Southern Kale Salads, Amensa Apple Pie, Bissap Zobo/Southern Berry Drinks

The cost for the four-hour workshop is $40. Send your email to: or heruankhra@yahoo.comor visit Divinity Is Eternal website

Seating is limited. Tickets can be purchased via EventBrite